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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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when we first arrived on the scene, that's when students and parents told us that they were concerned for their safety. >> i got scared. because i was like, who got shot. >> reporter: she was worried in gym class when coolidge high school went on lockdown. >> it came out of the blue. >> reporter: investigators say around 3:15, a student fired shots at another student near the football field on school property. police rushed to the scene. >> our school resource officers and patrol officers were able to stop the suspect that was involved in the case. we were able to make one arrest. >> reporter: parents are shocked. >> i just can't believe it. i'm shocked. i'm shocked. >> reporter: d.c. chancellor of public schools said this was an isolated shooting. we're hearing the suspect and victim argued earlier in the day. >> one student left the building, came back after dismissal and that's when the shooting happened outside of the building. >> reporter: the good news is that the victim in this case
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we're hearing is conscious, and breathing. i'm sure investigators will be talking to him along with the suspect. the suspect was arrested with assault with intent to kill. as for the field behind me, there are people exercising. there is no football practice today and school is expected to resume tomorrow here at coolidge high school. live in northwest d.c., shomari stone, news4. french police posted outside the office of a magazine now after it released controversial cartoons of the muslim prophet muhammad. the head of the paris mosque condemned the timing after the violent protests of an anti-islam film produced in the u.s. france is closing embassies and schools in 20 countries this friday, which is the muslim holliday. the french government defended the right to publish the cartoons but questioned whether the magazine acted responsibly. president obama is taking a slight lead now over republican nom nye mitt romney in the polls. that according to the latest nbc
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"wall street journal" polls, which have the president ahead by about five points. despite the polls, mitt romney is not backing down from his recently disclosed remarks about americans, and government benefits. if anything, he is underscoring them. steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. mitt romney is resisting the demands of those in his republican party who have seen the polls, who have seen the video, and who are pleading with romney to show more warmth and more sympathy to voters, to americans who have had to turn to the government for benefits like social security. mitt romney went to atlanta and stood up to his critics on the issue that's put his campaign in crisis. the record number of americans entitled to government benefits. romney blamed barack obama who he noted in the late 1990s, said he favored government redistributing wealth. >> that will kill the american
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entrepreneurship that's lifted our economy over the years. the question of this campaign is not who cares about the poor and middle class, i do, he does. the question is, who can help the poor and middle class. >> reporter: but on the secretly recorded tape, romney criticized americans who pay no federal income taxes. like many seniors, students and military. shocking some republicans. in the "wall street journal," reagan veteran peggy noonan wrote, it's time to admit the romney campaign is an incompetent one. an intervention is in order. mitt, this isn't working. paul ryan was on the entitlement issue. >> we have too many people becoming too reliant on entitlement. >> reporter: in 12 swing states like virginia, the gallup poll now shows romney and ryan trailing by 2%. the nbc news poll finds president obama leading romney
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by 5% nationally. in part, say pollsters, because of the impression voters are getting of romney. >> it is all of the sense that i don't know him, i can't understand him, and i don't relate to him. >> reporter: romney admits he's got work to do. some senior republicans still believe, they say, their nominee can pull this out. they say three important presidential debates lie ahead. there's no reason yet, said one, for premature panic. i'm steve handelsman, news4. looking at one of the local races, tim kaine ahead of george allen for the first time in the virginia u.s. senate race. according to a new poll, kaine has an eight-point lead 51% to 43%. earlier polls had the two in a virtual tie. kaine's strongest polls are in virginia. the two governors are hoping to take the seat of retiring
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senator jim webb. you can watch tim kaine and george allen in the debate tomorrow live at noon right here on nbc 4. nbc "meet the press" host david gregory will moderate that debate. aaron gilchrist and northern virginia bureau chief julie carey will be on the panel. you can also watch the debate streaming live on a well-known d.c. author was startled by a blackout and an explosion at his home today. what sparked it was an attempted burglary. that explosion happened at the home on the 35th street in northwest d.c. that's where pat collins is right now. pat? >> reporter: doreen, an incredible crime. to defeat the burglary system here, this would-be thief actually yanked the electric meter from the house. police trying to extract fingerprints from an electrical
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meter. hoping to find a suspect in a broad daylight burglary with high-risk, high-voltage consequences. it happened at a home at 35th and quebec streets northwest. first came a blackout, then came a boom, downstairs came the homeowner, off went the suspect. broad daylight? >> yeah. >> reporter: home working on your book? >> unusual in this neighborhood. but that's the times we live in. >> reporter: the victim, allen, a noted professor and author of book reviewer for npr. he was writing upstairs in his cleveland park home when all of a sudden it happened. >> the power went off. i heard this huge bang which i took to be some type of electrical explosion. i came running downstairs. the door had been i thought blown off at the time. >> reporter: he finds his electric meter on his front
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porch. the door to his house off the hinge. he thinks it's some sort of electrical explosion. enter pepco. they find that that little meter security lock has been tampered with. foul play. enter the police. they determine it's a burglar. a burglar who took that meter off the wall in an effort to dismantle and disable the burglar alarm. enter the police dog. he searches the place to make sure everything is safe. pepco said disconnecting a meter can have dire consequences. >> it could be a danger of electrocution. anytime you're dealing with electrical equipment and you're not qualified to do so, that is the risk that you take. >> reporter: now, by the way, that alarm wasn't on because someone's home they didn't feel the need to activate it. live in cleveland park, pat
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collins, news4. the organization on usa swimming has permanently banned rick curl after being accused of molesting a swimmer back in the 1980s. he waived his right to challenge the case and was immediately banned. a former swimmer named kelly davis came forward over the summer and said he began molesting her when she was 13 years old. she said she got a $150,000 settlement from him years ago in exchange for not telling police the details of that incident. rick curl was a founder of what was called the curl burk swim club. he's no longer affiliated with that club. the organization is under new ownership now and has changed its name. it did so yesterday to nation's capital swim club. a man's in critical condition after being shot by police in southeast washington. it happened about 10:30 last night in the 800 block of
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southern avenue right near the d.c./maryland border. police from both prince george's county and d.c. got calls that a man was firing a gun into the air. officers from prince george's arrived on the scene first and shot the man after he allegedly refused to drop his weapon and started shooting at them. no officers were hurt. for the first time since the early '90s, d.c. lawmakers are talking about legal gambling in the city. marian barry and jack evans want to study the possibility of full casino and online gambling. they say it's just a preliminary look, but members of congress especially in nearby states that already have gambling may try to block any measure that would actually legalize gambling in the district. what a beautiful day it was out there today. doug, we have more like this coming our way? >> jim, not only do we have more like this coming, but this is kind of what we're going to be seeing for probably the next month or so. very cool nights and very nice
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and warm afternoons. very similar to fall. it does feel fall out there right now. 70 degrees. plenty of sunshine. winds out of the northwest about 9 miles an hour. satellite and radar showing clear skies. the same clear skies will lead to a cool night tonight. dipping down into fairfax county, 69 by 7:00. waking up to 51 degrees. many of you even colder. my forecast coming up in a minute. cops running for their lives. a woman gets much more than she bargained for when she called for roadside help. a washington redskins receiver is getting death threats after last week's loss to the rams. denzel washington visits d.c. to talk about something close to his heart, and even the award-winning actor gets star struck. >> i'm excited to find out that i'm one of his favorite actors. i'm like, oh, man. the road war between cars and cyclists gets noisy and danger
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top u.s. security officials are now calling the killings at
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a u.s. consulate last week a terrorist attack. but there is still plenty of questions about what led up to the deadly attack in libya. nbc's danielle lee as senators tried to get answers on capitol hill. >> reporter: sitting before the senate homeland security committee, three of the top u.s. security officials called this scene last week that deadly assault on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, where four americans died evidence the u.s. continues to be vulnerable to terrorist attacks. >> they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack. >> reporter: much else remains unanswered or under dispute. was al qaeda involved? >> we are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to al qaeda. >> reporter: was the attack planned like the libyan government insists or spontaneous like intelligence officials believe? >> i just don't think that people come to protests equipped with rpgs and other heavy
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weapons. >> we are conducting interviews, gathering evidence, and trying to sort out the facts. >> reporter: as investigators sort out the facts the families of those men killed are laying their loved ones to rest. today a funeral procession in massachusetts for navy s.e.a.l. glen doherty. susan collins said it could have been prevented had the consulate been better protected. she asked why there were limited forces. >> i'm stunned and appalled there wasn't better security. >> reporter: security, of course, one of the many factors under evaluation as the u.s. tries to prevent a similar attack. despite minor protests here in the u.s., the secretary of homeland security said the attacks have remained overseas. danielle lee, news4. attacks on political candidates are quite common during an election year. on cable news, bill o'reilly is among the most opinionated.
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he talked with nbc's ted koppel about how partisan talk shows can influence a nasty political climate. >> you can make money by assassinating people that differ from you. so if you're a liberal, they hate george w. bush. they hate him. so you smash him every single day. same thing on the other side. they hate president obama. you smash him every single day. you look for ways to smash him. you don't really care what the truth is, you want to smash them. you make a lot of money doing that. especially if you do it loud enough and vicious enough. it's nasty and i hate it. >> you can see more of that interview with bill o'reilly tomorrow night at 10:00. burma's democracy leader has received in person the u.s. congressional gold medal. aung san suu kyi accepted the award today. members of both parties were on hand for the honor at the capitol. she was given the award in 2008
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but she was still under house arrest today. she's on a 17-day trip across the u.s. welcome to washington. doug's here with a look at our forecast. she came on a beautiful day. >> she did. plenty of sunshine. the first official day of fall is actually on saturday. but it felt very much like fall out there today. and that's kind of a trend as we move into fall. take a look outside right now. a beautiful day. just a few clouds. plenty of sunshine. you look up and you just see one of the bluest skies that we've seen in quite some time. that cold front clearing the air out, and also clearing out the allergies. good news there, too. high temperature today, 72 degrees. 62 the morning low. it was a little on the cool side. will be about ten degrees cooler than this in parts of the area. today was the coolest, sunny day, in about three months. you've got to go all the way back towards early june to see a temperatures in the low 70s with
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sunshine. out there right now, still sunshine. temperature around 70. winds out of the northwest about 9 miles per hour. as we look across the region, temperatures sitting at 64 in winchester. 68 in leesburg. so you know where we're going, we're going to cool throughout the rest of the evening. radar, not showing any rain. i want to show you this. take a look as we move back to the west. see this little blue around garrett county, that is a frost advisory. the first frost advisory in our region so far this year. garrett county, lower elevations, could be in the low 30s tonight. that's how cool this air mass is. we're not going to see low 30s here. what we're going to see is temperatures in the low 40s. high of only 62 in pittsburgh today. 65 in morgantown and 67 in hagerstown. virginia beach coming in at 74 degrees. our average high is sitting at 78 right now. we were well below average, just
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like everybody else in our region. the reason why, we've got a trough of low pressure sitting across our region. as we move into the day tomorrow and friday, the mild air will move back up to our area. the chilly air moves back to the north. watch what happens this weekend. a strong front pushes through and that allows the chilly air to come into our area sunday. sunday a cool day. monday morning will probably be the coldest morning we've seen so far this season. some areas may actually get into the upper 30s. you folks out to the mountains in northwest of the city. it's going to be cool. nice and cool this evening, 61 to 65 degrees. tomorrow morning, clear skies, cool start and jacket weather. temperatures 41 to 54. tomorrow afternoon, most hi sunny and a great day. 73 to 77 degrees. it's going to be fantastic out there during the day tomorrow. more fantastic weather on friday, with a high of 80. 84 on your saturday. we will see a late day shower on saturday.
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i'm not expecting much. so don't worry too much about that. then there's the cooldown. sunday a high of 70. only 70 on monday which means just about everybody will stay in the 60s. and overnight lows quite cool. saturday, fall begins at 10:49 in the morning but it will also be the warmest day of the next seven. and we're talking about the chance of late showers. don't worry about those. i had a woman call and say, i've got a wedding coming up on saturday night. i'm not too worried about those right now. but just in case, we'll talk about it again tomorrow. i think you're going to be just fine. saturday looking like a pretty good day. the space shuttle "endeavour" touched down in houston, texas, today. the shuttle left the kennedy space center at sunrise this morning. it was bolted to the top of a boeing 747. tomorrow morning, the "endeavour" will take off headed for edwards air force base in california. in mid-october, it will go to its permanent home at the
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california science center. nasa retired the entire shuttle fleet last year. the shuttle "discovery" is at the smithsonian. new deflts in the trayvon martin shooting. we have the dna test results on the gun used to kill the unarmed black teenager. what it may reveal about his killing. i'm tracee wilkins in blatansburg where all is not peaceful. coming up, an atheist group is working to change this monument. i'll have that report. coming up in sports, why rg-iii says sunday's game was unprofessional. a little free baseball down at nationals park this afternoon. and the orioles and mariners playing an epic game in seattle
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a morning mess on metro. two red line trains were stopped dead in their tracks during a power outage. >> 1,000 riders were kept on those trains for nearly an hour. metro slowed the service throughout the system while the source of the outage was investigated. darcy spencer is at the tenley town station now. did they find out what knocked the power out yet? >> reporter: jim, unfortunately they still don't know what caused this power outages. but they're investigating the possibility it could be connected to a power surge. these pictures show what it was like for 800 to 1,000 metro riders crammed in subway cars stopped in their tracks in the dark tunnel for more than an hour, that, after a third power failure near the metro station in morning. >> we were stuck for a little while. we went to the other metro stations and same routine. >> reporter: how would you describe your experience today? >> miserable.
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>> reporter: metro officials say there were two third rail outages this morning. the first happened around 8:00 a.m. 60 people were offloaded and put on sult buses. an hour later the failure at tenley. metro officials still don't know the cause. >> it's possible they're connected. >> reporter: metro officials say once the circuit breakers were reset at tenley, the power came back on. they're still trying to figure out if it was a power surge that blew the breakers. officials were prepared to evacuate but decided it was safer to keep the hundreds of passengers in place. >> we were able to move the train and get people to their destination safely. >> it was very crowded. a lot of people seemed to be going in panic mode. some people may have been experiencing a panic attack. >> reporter: metro officials say they're working to make the system more reliable for riders but it's going to take some time. >> if you were anywhere on the red line this morning, you were affected by these incidences.
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and we apologize for that. >> reporter: some don't want apologies, they want to get to work and school on time. >> these things seem to happen on the metro line way too often. it seems like being stuck in the metro, or having delays is just common place in d.c. >> reporter: the metro officials say because they don't know what caused the power problems, they can't guarantee that it won't happen again, so they have additional staff members out ready to respond if there are additional power outages. reporting live from tenley, darcy spencer, news4. get ready to see lots of police presence if the nats make it to the postseason, according to the "washington examiner." d.c. police plan to deploy more than 400 officers to the neighborhood around nationals park. 200 officers could be used if the nats play in the one-game wild card game and the number would likely double if the nats make it even farther into the play-offs. the nationals currently have the best record in all of major league baseball. police are looking for an
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annapolis bank robber who wore an unusual disguise. this man is accused of holding up bank annapolis yesterday morning about 9:20. you can see he's wearing a plastic face mask that resembles charlie sheen. the robber implied he had a weapon. the tellers handed over cash. the man took off. no one was hurt. there is a $2,000 reward to anybody with information leading to an arrest. students at coolidge high school is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. there was a verbal fight between two students today. one of them left the school and then went back with a gun after school got out. he shot the other student near the football field. police arrested the shooter. school officials say parents should feel comfortable taking their kids to school tomorrow. trayvon martin's dna is not on the gun that killed him. that's the result of forensic tests released today. original george zimmerman's dna was found on that weapon.
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the findings could hurt zimmerman's self-defense case. he's accused of shooting the florida teenager in february. zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder. he is currently out of jail on bond. police tomorrow will announce the arrest of two men for selling phony iphones in prince george's county. investigators say they were made in the atlanta area. it started as a memorial for fallen soldiers, now a group is trying to get a large cross removed from bladensburg, saying it violates the separation between church and state. tracee wilkins has both sides of this story. >> reporter: for nearly 90 years, the peace cross memorial has stood boldly at the intersection of baltimore avenue and route 450. >> it was erected in the 1920s, and commemorating soldiers fro


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